Sully-Miller Wins SCAA’s 2015 Excellence In Accident Prevention Award

Sully-Miller wins SCCA’s 2015 Excellence in Accident Prevention Award

On March 9, 2016 select members of the Southern California Contractors Association (SCCA) were recognized for their efforts in keeping an accident free, or minimal incident year in safety practices, for the year prior at the 2015 SCCA Safety Awards.

Since 1974, SCCA has advocated for the construction industry by representing all union contractors across the twelve southern counties of Southern California. SCCA focuses on heavy highway and civil engineering and is over 300 members strong. SCCA is comprised of individual members as well as companies like Sully-Miller.

Twenty-six companies received an Award in Excellence in Accident Prevention for 2015. One of those companies was Sully-Miller, earning a 2015 SCCA Award for Excellence in Accident Prevention-Minimal Incidents.

This is a significant honor for Sully-Miller’s Safety Team and Sully-Miller employees who have worked tirelessly to markedly improve their safety culture over the past year. Sully-Miller’s commitment resulted in only one recordable incident in 2015. The achievement is even more remarkable when considering one incident occurred in the span of nearly 450,000 work hours!

Sully-Miller’s employees Travis Clausen (Operations Manager), Bill Boyd (Executive Vice President), Darin Ferguson (Safety Director), and James Oldham (Sr. Safety Specialist) were in attendance to accept the award. James Oldham is also part of the SCCA’s 2015 Safety Committee and graciously presented the award to his Sully-Miller colleagues.

“By consistently providing the crucial resources for safety training and awareness programs, Sully-Miller conveys its dedication to improving our safety culture. I am proud to work for Sully-Miller, as safety is not just a long list of slogans, it is a living, breathing part of everything we do here. Production and quality matter very little if your people are getting hurt in the process. Our ultimate goal is ‘zero incidents’ – and with the continued efforts of all our employees, this goal will be reached.”