Port of Los Angeles Gateway Fountain Project

The construction of Gateway Fanfare Fountains and Water Features at the Port of Los Angeles is part of the New LA Waterfront, the world’s largest waterfront development and community enhancement project. Our teams at Sully-Miller are very proud to have worked on this $15M project as well as other waterfront projects associated with this initiative.

The Gateway Fanfare project features two main fountains that measure 250 feet long and 100 feet wide and are shaped to resemble a sailboat from overhead. A black granite infinity edge creates a waterfall over the basin ledge and into a trough flowing under the walkway, giving visitors an unforgettable experience of walking through water.

The construction demands of such a high profile architectural project were broad and our construction work included a wide variety of activities: excavation and grading, dry and wet utilities, aggregate base, asphalt and concrete paving, colored asphalt, concrete flat work, mechanical and electrical, and finish fountain specialty to name a few.

Our responsibilities not only included construction but also managing the project schedule, overseeing the completion of the design and permitting. Coordinating with the lead design firm, the award-winning fountain design firm, the lead architectural firm and the construction management firm were critical to ensure constructability within the project constraints.

With so many parties involved, partnering was one of the main keys to the success of the project. The teams were prepared and understood the need to address issues as early as possible, and all members were committed to the project goals. Our teams rose to the challenge and the project successfully opened on time.

Today, the Gateway Fanfare Fountains and Water Features serve as an attraction to welcome visitors to the Port of Los Angeles. With water streams that shoot 100 feet into the air against the backdrop of the towering Vincent Thomas Bridge, this beautiful water show is synchronized to music and lights and is the largest water feature in California.


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