Hollywood Walk of Fame Restoration

Sully-Miller Contracting Company has won the trust of the Hollywood Historic Trust.

What had started as a $290,000 project restoring a section of the Hollywood Walk of Fame has grown to $1.9 million. Sully-Miller continues to take on more restoration as a result of their impressive work on all fronts.

It is an interesting and important project with many moving parts including an emotional factor – the Hollywood Walk of Fame holds great sentimental and historic value. Additionally, there is a hierarchy of several entities involved on the client side of this undertaking:

Hollywood Historic Trust
(the owner of the Walk of Fame stars/sidewalk, thus the “owner” of this project)

City of Hollywood
(liable for safety of traveling public and pedestrians)
(paying for part of the project because the underlying subway system has caused settling on Hollywood Boulevard, which has caused damaged to the Walk of Fame)

Sully-Miller has almost completed the restoration on the Hollywood Walk of Fame between Orange and Highland. Two areas were divided into three phases each, for a total of 6 phases. Sully-Miller still has one third of each area to complete next year. While working on the sidewalk the Sully-Miller team installs fencing, K-rail, directional signs and caution signs.


  • The Hollywood Historic Trust provides Sully-Miller Contracting with a list of stars for removal 
  • The star is removed and crated under the supervision of the Hollywood Historic Trust 
  • Each star is tagged and entered into an inventory log 
  • Sully-Miller hauls the stars to a secure facility and tracked by a chain of custody form


● Tear-out and re-grade sidewalk
● Installs new base
● Install new curb and gutter
● Pour a sub-slab with expansion joints


● Place mortar bed on top of sub-slab
● Insert star
● Place terrazzo: hand mixed/hand poured marble aggregate and add color
● Regrind, shine 2” of terrazzo on top of sub-slab and seal

When the star is returned to its rightful spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame all activity is tracked through a chain of custody to insure accuracy and accountability, all under the supervision of a security guard.

Sully-Miller’s work on the Walk of Fame is ongoing and is estimated to be finished in early 2014.


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