Port of LA’s Downtown Harbor and Town Square

Do you remember this song lyric? “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.” Well, the Port of Los Angeles and Sully-Miller Contracting Company did the polar opposite; they demolished a parking lot and put up a paradise for pedestrians and boaters.

The location of this remarkable and innovative transformation of 1.2 acres of waterfront is along Harbor Boulevard in San Pedro between 5th and 6th streets, with modifications to Berths 84-86.

The Downtown Harbor and Town Square project was expansive resulting in a new harbor inlet for recreational vessels; a perk allows these vessels to dock free of charge for up to four hours. Surrounding the new inlet is a public plaza and pedestrian promenade featuring trees (26 trees and 40 palm trees to be exact) as well as landscaping, decorative lighting, a picnic area, three floating docks and an overlook pier.

Sully-Miller Contracting Company had their hands and equipment on nearly all aspects of the Downtown Harbor and Town Square.

Sully-Miller was responsible for:

• selective site demolition
• removal work

• construct floating docks 
• construct overlook pier

• construct gangways
• landscaping
• irrigation
• hardscaping

• utilities
• track work
• rail signalization
• overhead contact system
• roadway

Plus…installation of roof mounted HVAC system on an existing building and other improvements.

Right near the Maritime Museum, the plaza also features a public art installation, “The Ship Chandler,” by artist Mark Dion. It is a small cabin comprised of salvaged materials that represent the Port of Los Angeles during the 19th century. It is designed to be viewed from the outside looking in. Bench seating and wood tables by local San Pedro artist Harold Greene feature inlaid nautical flags that correspond to a letter in the alphabet and were installed by Sully-Miller. At each table corner, flags spell out P-O-L-A for Port of Los Angeles.

“This project, which was completed on time and more than $4 million under budget, exceeds all of my expectations on design and feel,” said Los Angeles Councilman Joe Buscaino. “Downtown Harbor will become the source of memories that will last a lifetime."


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