Pier 400 Backlands, Phase I

At the time, the Pier 400 Backlands project at the Port of Los Angeles was the largest undertaking ever for Sully-Miller and Colas USA. The project cost - $80 million; the project location – the world’s largest container terminal.

Sully-Miller Contracting Company’s scope of work consisted of construction, management of overall schedule and design and construction of the marine operations building complex. Additionally, Sully-Miller coordinated adjacent work and executed utility work.

The Pier 400 Backlands project was broken out into two phases. Phase I consisted of securing permits for work involving:

• regulatory requirements
• survey
• earthwork
• main-gate facility
• security & other fencing

• water, storm drain
• sewer, gas
• lighting
• fire suppression
• electrical & communication systems

• reefers
• crushed misc. base
• asphalt concrete
• overhead signs & structures

Working at such an expansive and complex facility brought about major challenges that were logistical, technical and scheduling in nature. Limited access to the project’s island location combined with the execution of 2 additional contracts for the wharf and main access road – made for even more difficulties. The cherry on top was no utilities on the island - including water, phone and internet.

The job schedule was impacted by circumstances beyond Sully-Miller’s control, including large scope changes, design changes, unknowns on Sully-Miller’s project and the adjacent wharf project.

Despite the many hurdles, Phase I was a success due in large part to partnering with Port of LA, design firm, construction management and stakeholders. Together, all parties identified common goals. Then, teams and action plans were established prior to construction to execute goals. Ongoing open communication enabled the sequence of work continually to adapt to changes and unforeseen issues.

A unique aspect of this project was an onsite mobile asphalt plant. AC materials were shipped from Canada direct to the jobsite, dramatically reducing congestion and pollution in the Los Angeles basin.

Additionally, Sully-Miller supplied materials to the adjacent wharf project. Sully-Miller also negotiated the set-up of an onsite concrete plant on site that provided materials to all three projects.

Sully Miller Contracting Company successfully completed the Pier 400 Backlands, Phase I project on time, with no claims or issues arising from the work. 


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