Berth 100 Backlands Phase I

Sully-Miller Contracting Company took-on the construction and project management of Phase I of Berth 100 Backlands at the Port of Los Angeles. The project redeveloped approximately 75 acres of land in the West Basin area of the Port of Los Angeles in order to design and construct a marine operations building complex, along with adjacent and utility company work.

The site was formerly a Chevron oil facility and a shipyard, which required extensive environmental planning and remediation for this project. A combination of sensitive environmental issues, and a tight schedule required daily meetings with all key players to assure concise communications and timely adjustments to many unforeseen issues.

Tetratech, working under the Port of Los Angeles, oversaw these adjustments and activities, including the proper identification, removal and disposal of hazardous soils. Sully- Miller used over 20 baker tanks and a site-specific designed filtering system to properly dispose of water(s) in an environmentally friendly manner.

Required Work

● securing permits for regulatory requirements
● construction of access bridge
● construction of main gate facility
● fencing &  security fencing
● survey
● earthwork
● water
● storm drain
● sewer
● demolition and removal of structures & substructures

● gas & lighting
● fire suppression
● electrical and communications systems
● reefers
● concrete transtainers
● crushed miscellaneous base
● asphalt concrete
● creation of additional backlands to include a surcharge with wick drains

Labor intensive removals consisted of deck piers, railroad tracks, power poles, and large concrete substructures that were still intact from the former shipyard.

Unique project features

The Berth 100 Backlands project was the first in the Port of Los Angeles to install Stormceptors, a unique filtering system for storm water run-off, requiring the design and installation of a specialized shoring.

Another “first” for this project, the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach was the installation of Alternate Marine Power (AMP), also known as cold-ironing or ship-to-shore power. This install was a scope change to meet existing litigation between the Port of Los Angeles and other entities.  As this was the first installation of AMP, Sully-Miller was involved in overall design including layout, cost estimate, and production schedule.

Sully-Miller exceeded expectations by recycling over 60,000 tons of existing concrete and asphalt rubble into usable crushed miscellaneous base. This action provided an innovative solution to the Port of LA and kept with Sully-Miller’s commitment to sustainable construction whenever possible.

Partnering was integral to the success of Berth 100 Backlands. Sully-Miller Contracting Co. teamed directly with Port of LA, the design firm, construction management and stakeholders. Common goals were defined and teams and action plans were established prior to construction to proactively deliver timely solutions.


A labor dispute between the ILWU and the terminal operators had only a minor influence on the project because Sully-Miller worked closely with the Port of Los Angeles to mitigate the dispute’s impact on project goals.

Wharf construction was occurring adjacent to this project under a separate contract. The proximity of the two projects required expert coordination on many activities at all levels, from the field - to upper management, in order to stay on point.

The schedule was impacted throughout this job by reasons beyond Sully-Miller’s control including large range changes assessed at 25% in scope value - requiring design, construction activity interaction and integration.

However, all issues were managed successfully through ongoing open communications with all stakeholders, proactive proposals on changes to the design, and the sequence of work. Sully-Miller successfully avoided schedule disruptions to the terminal’s daily operations by modifying project phasing when needed. The project was completed on time (with justifiable time adjustments), with no claims or disputes of any kind.


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