Sully-Miller’s Heavy Equipment Repair Shop Wins 2013 Colas 6S “Bronze” Award

Equipment Division Superintendent Bill Woolston and his team at the Sully-Miller Heavy Equipment Repair Shop, also known as “The Shop” were winners before ever submitting their application for the Colas 6S Award.

The Colas 6S Award was introduced in 2012 to recognize Colas companies who sustain best management practices and lean principles whilst rigorously adhering to environmental and safety checklists. Instinctively, for years, Operations, Safety and Environmental combined efforts with The Shop to run on the very same principals the Colas 6S Award applauds. Michel Roure, Colas Equipment Director, encouraged The Shop to submit for the 6S Award - he was certain they would qualify based on The Shop’s winning ways.

The Sully-Miller Heavy Equipment Repair Shop serves Sully-Miller, Blue Diamond Materials and United Rock Products. Encompassing approximately 30,000 square feet, The Shop has 6 mechanics, 6 work bays, 2 oilers and 2 move trucks. The Shop is responsible for service and repair of 400 pieces of equipment. In addition, they are the “go-tos” for sourcing maintenance and repair of 200 light cars and trucks.

Sully-Miller Companies are their equipment and people. The Sully-Miller Heavy Equipment Repair Shop knew (with no outside supervision) a safe, reliable, efficient, profitable, organized and prideful shop keeps Sully-Miller Companies thriving and people happy. The Shop did not need a checklist to do a daily exam of the waste oil tank for leaks - they simply set a shop standard and made the smart safe choice. See the winning “S” pattern here?

As a result on Sept 25th, Sully-Miller’s Heavy Equipment Repair Shop was officially presented the 2013 Colas “Bronze” 6S Award for their 24/7 commitment to the 6 S’s- the 2nd Company to be awarded this honor amidst other Colas USA Companies.

Bill Woolston is incredibly proud of the entire Shop team, but is already looking to the future. He declared, “We will do whatever we can to be the first Colas Company in the U.S. to get the gold-level 6S award.” 


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