Sully-Miller Offers FiberMat® Machine as an Equipment Rental to Contractors and Agencies

OCTOBER 22, 2013 - Sully-Miller Contracting Co. has transformed the way FiberMat®, a Colas Solutions Inc. pavement preservation process, is provided on the West Coast. In order to have a greater presence in the pavement preservation market, the FiberMat® machine is now being offered as a daily-operated equipment rental to pavement preservation contractors, emulsions suppliers, and local and state agencies that self-perform their own chip seal maintenance in the states where Sully-Miller is currently licensed: Nevada & California.

FiberMat® is a specially formulated, polymer modified, crack resistant membrane that produces superior strength and flexibility. It forms a high tensile matrix upon application with a highly modified asphalt emulsion residue that is reinforced with engineered fiberglass strands.

The FiberMat® system is installed by a specially developed machine that uniformly applies the fiberglass strands in a continuous application. The strands are sandwiched between two layers of modified emulsion prior to application of an aggregate cover. The final product is then rolled to seat the aggregate into the surface. This combination of highly modified asphalt residue and a fiberglass reinforcement matrix creates a powerfully resistant membrane interlayer that absorbs stresses in the pavement structure and delays the onset of cracking.

The open procurement process is quite simple really. Prior to quoting the project, at no charge the Sully-Miller technical support team analyzes the roads prior to quoting the project to the contractor/agency. Once analyzed, this determines the accurate rate of the FiberMat-approved binder and fiber to eliminate any added costs.

Quotes for the FiberMat® machine are based on 8 hour days with an additional hourly rate for overtime. Pricing includes: mobilization to the project, a highly-skilled union operator, a laborer/mechanic, and their support equipment to ensure that production levels have exceeded customer’s expectations. At no additional cost, Sully-Miller also includes project management and technical support from Colas Solutions ensuring that the end user is delivered the highest possible pavement preservation process. Standby-time at a discounted rate is included in the quote.

Contractors and agencies who self-perform their own pavement maintenance will supply their own traffic control, chipper, compaction equipment, sweepers, FiberMat-approved emulsion, aggregate, and a distributor truck capable of pulling the FiberMat® machine. If a contractor or an agency has already designated an emulsion provider, Sully-Miller and Colas Solutions will collaborate with the emulsion provider to deliver an engineered emulsion suitable for use in the FiberMat® machine.

Raising the industry standard, strict Quality Assurance/Quality Control guidelines are put in place to not only protect the FiberMat® process, but also the customer, all while extending the life of their assets. Samples of aggregate and emulsion are tested prior to work beginning to ensure compatibility with one another. Aggregate sources that have already been pre-approved by the state and local agencies will not need to be tested prior to work commencing.

To learn how FiberMat® can preserve your transportation infrastructure, please contact Jonathan Layne, Business Development Manager, at for more information. To view a video of the FiberMat® process, visit the Sully-Miller Channel on YouTube.

Sully-Miller Contracting Co. serves many Southern California market segments including airports, seaports, rail and intermodal, military/federal, roads and highways, and specialty projects. Since 1923, Sully-Miller’s success is firmly based on our transportation infrastructure expertise, serving both the public and private sectors. 


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