FiberMat® Featured in CP2 Center's Newsletter

Sully-Miller Company’s Business Development Manager Jonathan Layne, was recently in Northern California. There, he had the opportunity to meet Dinxing Cheng at Cal State Chico to talk about the benefits of Fibermat®. After hearing Jonathan’s presentation and viewing FiberMat® videos, Dr. Cheng was so impressed that he asked Jonathan to write an article for their newsletter. 

Below, is the article originally published in the 9/2014 issue of California Pavement Preservation Center's Newsletter and distributed to 5,000 subscribers. 

FiberMat® Successfully Applied in Arizona

by Jonathan Layne

In June of 2013, Sully-Miller Contracting Co., a subcontractor to Sunland Asphalt, performed over 135,000 square yards of FiberMat® Type A to Mohave County Department of Public Works.

FiberMat® is a 100% recyclable, crack inhibiting membrane that delivers a matrix of fiberglass strands embedded between two layers of a polymer-modified emulsion all in one process. There are two types of FiberMat® - Type A which is used as a surface wearing course and Type B as an interlayer.

Contrary to popular belief, FiberMat® is not a new process. It has been extensively researched and utilized for over 20 years throughout the Colas Group. Executive Summaries from both Penn State and Texas Transportation Institute are available. In addition, the National Center of Asphalt Technology is currently testing the performance of both types of FiberMat® with results expected in 2015. To date, there are 18 FiberMat® machines throughout North America since its arrival in the US in 2003. However, the process was new to Jed Noble, Engineering Manager of Civil Infrastructure, and his team at the Mohave County Department of Public Works. 
Lipan Blvd. before FiberMat® Treatment

As a result, FiberMat® was applied to 3 different types of low volume/low PCI roads for Mohave County in Fort Mohave, Arizona:

  • One mile of Joy Lane had extensive crack sealing performed prior to application of FiberMat®.
  • One mile of Lipan Blvd. had extreme alligator cracking throughout the pavement with no crack-sealing whatsoever. This road was actually a good candidate for rehabilitation/reconstruction.
  • A 14 lane-mile section of Boundary Cone Road had various pavement conditions that included potholes filled with cold mix and crack seal performed on the edge of the roadway.

Sunland Asphalt, the licensed distributor of FiberMat® in AZ, was Prime Contractor on the project and provided all equipment and materials as Sully-Miller operated the FiberMat® machine only. As a value-added Quality Control/ Quality Assurance service, Sully-Miller filmed the roads prior to construction, during, and after construc­tion using HD video cameras integrated with GPS capabilities- the only contractor in the US currently using this technology. The roads were again filmed one year later to virtually show interested agencies the effectiveness of FiberMat® without having to travel directly to the project. All of the videos were also shared with Mohave County for their own use.

Extreme climates played a role during the con­struction process with temperatures exceed­ing 113 0F as well as wind gusts in excess of 35mph making it difficult on all parties. However, the project was completed in only 4 working days. Annual temperatures for the project range from as high as 122°F to as low as 21°F.

Mohave County’s Public Works Director, Steven Latoski noted, “Mohave County recognizes FiberMat as an innovative yet proven pavement surface re­habilitation treatment, which the County se­lected through a “smart” request for proposals process toward developing a qualified prod­ucts listing of pavement treatment products supporting the County’s Capital Pavement Preservation Program and engineered to de­liver cost efficient pavement surface rehabili­tation. Mohave County is confident FiberMat, through its tensile strength and flexibility qual­ities, will sustain pavement surface layer con­dition and smooth riding surface through a prolonged service life versus comparable treat­ments in its class.”

As a result of FiberMat®’s performance in 2013, Mohave County invited Sunland Asphalt and Sully-Miller in 2014 to perform a 7-mile section on Pierce Ferry Road - the only access route to the Grand Canyon Skywalk.
Lipan Blvd. one year after FiberMat®

Sully-Miller will continue to film these roads on an annual basis to prove its effectiveness to interested state and local agencies in Arizona, Nevada, and California. To view the before and one-year-after videos, visit Sully-Miller’s YouTube Channel.

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