Long Beach Airport Taxiways C & L Reconstruction

This project was located at the Long Beach Airport in Long Beach, CA. Long Beach Airport is an active commercial and industrial airport supporting several commercial airlines and the Boeing Company’s C-17 manufacturing program. This project was to replace the pavement section of Taxiways C and L, two of the main taxiways on the airport for commercial air traffic. It also crossed Runway 25L, an active general aviation runway. The project consisted of removing the existing pavement section and replacing it with a section of 5-inch P401 asphalt pavement, 9-inch P209R recycled aggregate base and 18 inches of cement-treated subgrade. During the construction of the project, the airport authority presented a plan and change order to make Taxiway C into concrete pavement using FAA approved P-501. Through the change order process, work commenced as concrete pavement on top of a cement-treated base.

Throughout the entire construction process, Sully-Miller conducted all of its operations in a safe and efficient manner to avoid any disruptions to the airport or their tenants. This project came in ahead of schedule through a partnering process that encouraged re-phasing to reduce construction activities during the airport’s daily operations.

  • The Asphalt Pavement was supplied by Blue Diamond Materials, a member of the Sully-Miller Group.  
  • The Aggregate Base was supplied by United Rock Products which is also a member of the Sully-Miller Group.

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