Why Asphalt?

“Asphalt is a necessity for constructing roads.”

Since 1923, Sully-Miller has always had a particular interest in Asphalt. Originally located in Long Beach, CA, home to multiple refineries, Sully-Miller had easy access to liquid asphalt cement.  When mixed with rock and sand it creates what is known today as Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA).  In the 1920s, asphalt cement was a byproduct of the refining process, as it was the bottom of the barrel. Today, it is a necessity for constructing roads. Through innovation and research, asphalt pavements continually improve the quality of life to the travelling public.

We Are Not Just Another Asphalt Paving Company

“We deliver over 100 projects annually using asphalt – and have the awards to prove it.” 

As the Los Angeles basin grew, so did Sully-Miller. Sully-Miller strategically placed asphalt plants in the surrounding areas allowing customers to purchase Hot Mix Asphalt and supply Sully-Miller HMA for local projects. From a constructability standpoint, Hot Mix Asphalt was the only product that could provide a quick solution to constructing roads with minimal impact to the surrounding communities. Year after year, we deliver over 100 projects that use asphalt. We have the awards to prove it.

At Sully-Miller, We’re Kind Of a Big Deal

Our association with global transportation leader Colas Group, provides access to a world of expertise and resources.” 

90 years later, the culture Sully-Miller was founded on still rings true. As a vertically integrated company with United Rock Products supplying the aggregates, Blue Diamond Materials manufacturing the Asphalt from 6 strategically placed asphalt plants to our contracting division and Sully-Miller executing various transportation infrastructure projects, Asphalt continues to be the driving force of everything we do. Sully-Miller continues to promote the Perpetual Pavements, the use of Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) and Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) - both sustainable solutions that work in synergy with one another and provide multiple benefits to the end user, our environment, and our future. Our association with the Colas Group, the worldwide leader in transportation infrastructure construction and maintenance gives us access to a world of expertise and resources that we make available to our customers.



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