In addition to our Business Principles, Sully-Miller is dedicated to enhancing the lives of our customers in the markets we serve. With over 90 years of experience, Sully-Miller
Contracting Company has been integral in the growth and development of the state of
California. Our customers are the people who use the roads, airports, seaport, rail,
intermodal facilities and private business infrastructure that we create and preserve. Our
Core Values provide the foundation and guidance for our employees and our business as we proudly serve our customers: 

TEAMWORK  Our culture of teamwork allows us to work together within the Company and with our customers to deliver solutions and accomplish our goals. 

RESPECT  We will always treat employees and business associates with respect and fairness in the same manner we expect from others.

TRUST  Trust is an essential human value that cannot be purchased, but is gained through actions, not words. We must always ensure that our words match our actions, both inside and outside of our Company.

SAFETY  To protect our most important asset—our people—as well as the public we serve, we will make workplace safety a top priority by providing the safest work environment possible.

QUALITY  Exceptional quality in all aspects of our work is essential. Our goal is to continually exceed the expectations of our customers. 

INNOVATION  New and innovative ideas, strategies and products are encouraged as a means to improve our jobs, processes and the future of our company and society.

ENJOYMENT  We support an environment where employees feel comfortable being themselves, which includes enjoyment in their job and their interaction with their co-workers. 

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY  Social responsibility is a value we have taken to heart. We recognize the importance of protecting our environment, being charitable in our community and vigilant in protecting our future. 

CONTINUOUS LEARNING  Learning and continuous improvement are critical elements of our future. We support and encourage learning through our Sully Improvement Method.

INTEGRITY  Our business conduct will include the highest level of honesty, ethics and moral correctness. We will not compromise employees, customers or our company. We will always adhere to our Ethical Code of Conduct.


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