Sully-Miller Contracting Company (SMCC) is committed to the safety, health and well being of our employees and the public, and the company understands that incident prevention is both a moral and legal obligation, as well as good business. The protection of our employees, the public, environment, and our property are essential to the success of each and every project. Our people and their safety are among our core business values, and to execute safe production with zero incidents is not just a goal but also our company culture.

Safety is a priority and an essential job requirement for all employees. Safety is just as important as quality and production, and is an integral part of all business decisions. SMCC has a Safety and Loss Prevention Manual (SLPM), which sets forth the minimum requirements that all Sully-Miller's employees, vendors, suppliers, consultants, subcontractors and others must follow on each and every jobsite, project, properties or fixed facilities. These minimum requirements apply to all individuals who come on to our projects, job sites, properties and facilities.

Sully-Miller requires employee and supervisory personnel at every level to include active incident prevention as an integral part of their daily operations and holds every employee accountable for performing their work in a safe manner. The Safety and Loss Prevention Manual is updated periodically to stay current with local, state and federal statutes and to keep pace with other recognized safe work practices.

We encourage that employees with questions of interpretation or suggestions for improvement direct them to the Safety Department. Sully-Miller’s Injury Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP) is the overall guidance document and the hub of the safety wheel of the Safety Program at SMCC. The Safety and Loss Prevention Manuals are the spokes of the safety wheel. The Safety and Loss Prevention Manuals provide greater direction and specific policies or procedures for the Safety Program.

SMCC strives to eliminate incidents through proper management, training and employee involvement. We take every reasonable precaution to provide a safe, healthy and productive work environment and control, to the greatest extent possible, all recognized hazards associated with our work. Our ability to develop a sense of safety awareness within each employee determines a significant measure of our success. Proper safety management achieved through hazard recognition, training and experience promotes a positive work environment that protects our most valuable resource—our employees.


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